My God, we got it, tandem friends! At least found the hotel (smile).

However, in order to find the right one, we had to make a bigger search circle and came out of Baden-Württemberg, into the Hessischer Bergsträsser Weinfrühling (winefestival). Not so bad, right? Besides, half of us were born in Hessen.

Many thanks to all those who have prepared these meetings so far and especially to those who have supported us in the preparations and perhaps continue to do so.

We believe that the Alleehotel in Bensheim is the right venue for the tandem meeting in 2018. Bensheim is a small town in the south of Hessen on the Bergstrasse, with more than 40,000 inhabitants the largest in the district. The inhabitants here call their homeland without seriousness Hessian Riviera. Ok, the comparison may be wrong, because there are hardly any waters here, but the weather is right. It is warm and, as we find, it is possible to goon beautiful tours.

We are looking forward to preparing them for you and to meeting you all again next year.
All details can be found on the following pages.

Hopefully you will fill out the registration form and sign up.
Until then have a blessed tandem-, bike- or any other good time.

Have care, we are looking forward to see you

Reiner + Marion Bünger